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Helping You Make Informed Decisions

People perceive conflict and outcomes in different ways. We need to understand the details and the bigger picture to find the solutions that 

appear as we expand our frame of reference    

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  • A safe and productive place where you can openly express yourself.


  • A way to get past anger and find how to reason and understand conflict.


  • Determine how to communicate with each other under different circumstances

For You To Gain Insight On


  • Understanding how issues connect with each other, their implications and how these affect each party.


  • Understanding the different ways in which a situation can be understood; how perspectives influence the way people make sense of that situation and how it affects their behavior.


  • Develop an acceptance that all situations have personal and judicial boundaries.


  •  Deepen your insight into negotiated opportunities on possible options and actual solutions.

Beyond-Borders, Solutions for International Business, Inc.

Intercultural Communication Strategies

Beyond Borders Mediation​

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It Is Important To Understand


  • People perceive conflict, cause/effect consequences, problem-solving, and outcomes in different ways.

  • It is important to understand the details and see the complete picture to make informed decisions. 


Focusing only on the details will not show the whole picture; seeing just the big picture does not give the information needed to recognize proposed solutions. We need to navigate between both, to understand the correlation between the details while assessing the overall big picture. 


  • As the parties consider how to resolve conflict, we cordially invite them to consider mediation, expanding their frame of reference to explore a broader range of options in support of realistic and practical solutions.

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