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As we work on resolving conflict, we’ll be exploring different scenarios and possibilities for resolution; keep in mind you are essentially crafting your future. 

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Our office space is unique and appealing as it is designed to allow attorneys, parties, and professionals peacefully work and cross market in a tranquil, Zen-like environment.  The space is surrounded by natural light, foliage, fountains, quiet music, white noise, candles, and relaxing scents. 

  • Office Location:

Mediations can be held at either attorney’s office if both parties agree, or at our Centennial office at:

Beyond Borders Bilingual Mediation​
12605 E. Euclid Dr #208, Centennial, CO. 80111

Beyond Borders Bilingual Mediation Office at 12605 E. Euclid Dr #207 Centennial, CO 80111

To Schedule Mediation, contact:

Christi Brook

Scheduler w/Beyond Borders Mediation 

by Phone:   (970) 587 - 3676  (call or text)

by email: 

Schedule Mediation w/ Beyond Borders Bilingual Mediation



  • Scheduling for Mediation

We will always make an effort to provide as much flexibility as possible. Your time is important, as it is to resolve conflict. 


  • Contact Christi Brook for Scheduling

Given the diversity of mediation cases, schedules are very dynamic and frequently change.


Please contact our scheduler directly at Christi Brook at  (970) 587 - 3676, she will assist you in finding available schedules for your mediation.

Feel free to leave a message or contact Christi via text message  (970) 587 - 3676

Thank you  

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