As an overall approach, mediation services are divided in two main areas: ODR Mediation and Private Mediation.
Mediation Services are provided by the Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) through contract mediators. Their names are listed in the State Court's website and ODR's roster per judicial district.
Once a case has been filed with the court, the judge will order the case to mediation; per process the court will mention three main sources for mediators:
1.  Office of Dispute Resolution, (ODR) 
2.  The Mediation Association of Colorado, (theMAC)
3.  Private Mediators
Mediation Services are provided by professional mediators. They typically provide their credentials and experience through websites, social media or, referrals and recommendations. 
As a general perspective, Private Mediation is typically requested by parties who prefer to have ample time to manage their case, research, coordinate and agree upon the different variables that influence their decision making. This approach provides the parties a higher control over the mediation process. The objective is to manage, analyze and have a deeper understanding of the variables in the dissolution of their marriage. In essence, the parties seek to gain a well-rounded decision-making platform, as a base for evaluating alternatives and options in the interest of reaching mutual agreements; thus keeping their case out of the court's ruling.
Private Mediation
Key Aspects
  • It is an assisted resolution process, based on the principle of informed decision-making 
  • Mediation does not impose decisions. Rather it is a lawful alternative to a litigated outcome based on a court ruling.
  • The parties have a higher control over the process; they define their own resolution based on mutual agreement.
  • The agreements reached are intentional and relevant to the parties.
Mediation provides an added advantage: For all practical matters, it is the only time in the judicial process in which the parties have a voice - The power to actively participate and express their own points of view to influence or, make a decision over the outcome of their case.

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