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Court Documents & Forms

The court will require the parties to fill out forms that inform the Judge about their decisions and agreements. For divorce proceedings, some forms can be completed and signed by each party, the Sworn Financial Affidavit; other forms, the Parenting Plan and the Separation Agreement, need to be completed and signed by both parties. The parties need to copy and exchange each set of information.

All Forms or Sets of documents need to be copied for a total of three sets of documents:


  1. The original set of documents has to be filed with the court

  2. The second set of copies and its supporting information if needed is                       shared with the other party.

  3. The third set of copies remains with each party for their records.


The court will inform you if you need additional documents to fill, register or copy.

All forms and documents need to be filled/answered in English.


The information on this website has been obtained from the Colorado State Court website: The content on this website is intended as a public service for informational purposes only. For updated information, procedures, and court documents, always contact an attorney,  an appropriate legal authority, the Colorado State Court website or, the Self Help Center at the courthouse in your judicial district.



The following information is on the public domain. It can be found at the Colorado Court website 

For General information and Forms:


Calculate Child Support / Maintenance

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Flowchart: Steps to Complete a Divorce

With Children (Form JDF 1096)

Flowchart: Steps to Complete a Divorce

with No Children (Form JDF 1097)

Información en Español

Nuestro sitio web está en proceso de traducción.


Para descargar los documentos y formularios necesarios para el proceso de mediación


  • Haga seleccione el enlace para todos los formularios de causas domésticas:

       Formularios de Causas Domesticas en Español​


  • Si necesita documentos y formularios que no estén listados, vaya al sitio del Tribunal de Colorado:  y busque formularios en español.

  • También puede contactar a Christi Brook para ayuda adicional.

Christi Brook

Coordinador con Beyond Borders Mediation

Telefono:     (970) 587 - 3676  (llamar o texto)


Le recordamos que todo formulario y documento que se registre en el tribunal tiene que llenarse en Inglés.


Agradecemos de antemano su paciencia en lo que adaptamos y traducimos nuestro sitio. Lo tendremos a la brevedad posible - Gracias

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