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I am very pleased to be mediating in Colorado. I look forward to applying my experience as a certified court interpreter, a facilitator in cross-border negotiations, and full Mexico/US cultural immersion to provide the best guide possible to the decision makers. 

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Effective bilingual communication embraces so much more than words; working through cultural differences to bridge understanding is equally important. Comprehensive, culture-sensitive communication helps convey authentic meaning, allowing parties to grasp the deeper understanding of each other’s needs and position.


As an Intercultural Professional, I can mediate in Spanish and English or, Bilingually. As a neutral liaison, my function is to apply my skills and experience to provide the best guidance possible to the decision makers, assisting them in finding solutions and alternatives to resolving their conflict. Contact us for more information.




Sometimes conflict leads us to make scattered decisions. Under the stress of conflict, misunderstandings heighten; people will often try just about anything and everything that might resolve the current dispute.


Mediation keeps the decisions in your hands. A professional mediator assists all parties communicate in a way that helps explore a wide range of possibilities and alternatives so that you and the other party reach a mutual agreement.


Mediation is always confidential. Some agreements might be small incremental changes, others, insightful decisions; the advantage is that solutions are crafted by you and the other party.


We all perceive conflict, problem-solving and outcomes in different ways. Resolving conflict could imply changes in life - matters of importance the parties should weigh carefully.


I prefer to work with a client's perspectives, expectations, and understanding, accounting for judicial and non-judicial variables that might influence their agreements.


My intention is to help the parties develop a comprehensive view of their case and provide a context they need to understand, from which they can discern details and grasp a bigger picture, to guide their decision-making.





Mediation typically starts in one of two ways: It can be ordered by the court, which will require a response. Or, it can be initiated by the couple before filing their case.

In divorces some courts will send you to the Family Court Facilitator to assist you through the process; others will send you directly to mediation. The court will require documents that you should bring to mediation, to help you share information leading to better decisions and mutual agreements.

Some of these documents are:


  • Sworn Financial Affidavit

  • Separation Agreement

  • Parenting Plan

  • Others, as needed per case

Mediation can be scheduled through:


  • Office of Dispute Resolution, (ODR)

  • Mediation Association of Colorado, (theMAC) 

  • Private Mediators


Please remember to bring all your court documents to the mediation, they will be needed.

Thank You

To Schedule a Mediation 

or, for Assistance, Contact: 


Christi Brook, 

Scheduler w/Beyond Borders Mediation

PH: (970) 587 - 3676 (Call / Text)

Rogelio Hernández-Flores

ODR Contract Mediator

Bilingual Private Mediator
MAC Professional Mediator
Appointed MAC Board of Directors
Chair of the Multi-Cultural Committee​

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© 2019 Beyond Borders, Solutions for International Business, Inc.

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Trade Names: 

Intercultural Communication Strategies

Beyond Borders Bilingual Mediation

BBSIB / Beyond Borders Mediation​

Trade Names: 

Beyond Borders Mediation​ / Beyond Borders Bilingual Mediation

Intercultural Communication Strategies

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