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BBM: providing a safe, open space to resolve conflict.



ODR / Private Bilingual Mediator

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Choice Mediation Colorado

Beyond Borders Mediation
is changing its name to 
Choice Mediation Colorado

On Mediation:

My focus on each person; understanding the underlying concerns, stories, interests, and needs that shape their perspectives in mediation are important. Mediation goes beyond game plans, weighing options, and decision making - It is each party's unique personal life experience that frequently shapes and influences their position in mediation.


I seek to help the parties develop a comprehensive view to provide context from which they can discern the details and grasp a bigger picture to guide their decision-making and gauge the impact their decisions may have in their life.

My meditation experience benefits from extended courtroom exposure as a certified judicial interpreter, an intercultural liaison for cross-border business negotiations, and conflict resolution.

Areas Of Expertise
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Servicing all Judicial Districts in Colorado

Bilingual: Spanish, English; Intercultural

Family: Pre-Decree & Post Decree

Civil: County Civil, District Civil

Alternative Dispute Resolution 
      Contract Mediator w/ODR
      Beyond Borders Mediation
Previous Engagements:
  • Certified Court Interpreter
  • Intercultural Business Liaison
  • Cross Border Business Negotiations
  • Intercultural Negotiations & Communication
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Meet Rogelio

Beyond Borders Mediation

Rogelio Hernández-Flores as Founder and Managing Director for Beyond-Borders, Solutions for International Business, offers Intercultural Communication Strategies and Mediation Services. Through its affiliate Beyond Borders Mediation, he provides professional Multicultural Mediation Services in English and Spanish; specializing in Bilingual/Bicultural mediation, conflict coaching, and cross-cultural business solutions. 

Cross-border business assignments within and across the US, Latin American, and Asian cultures, combined with interpreting, mediation and conflict resolution training in the US, strengthen his ability to communicate across differing perspectives, allowing him to apply his talent and diplomacy to help people cooperate with each other, finding practical and realistic solutions. He is well known for influencing without authority.

Currently, as a State Contract Mediator with the Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Private Mediator, he applies accurate two-way communication underscoring a clear and practical understanding of foreign language, culture, and judicial language equivalency; considering these, fundamental components of the relationship between people, regardless of nationality, gender or race. 

Complementing his life experience of full immersion in Mexico and US cultures, his education includes Certified training in Mediation, Certified Court Interpreter by the Colorado Judicial Department, a B.A. in Management from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, a thesis on Japanese Marketing Strategies, and advanced studies in cross-cultural communication.

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Rogelio Hernandez-Flores

Rogelio Hernández-Flores

ODR Contract Mediator
MAC Professional Bilingual Mediator

Background & Experience


  • Comprehensive courtroom experience as a certified court interpreter; acquainted with court procedures, applicable law, and court rulings.


  • ODR Contract Mediator: Domestic Relations with Pre-decree and Post-decree cases. As well as, Civil County and District cases.


  • Bilingual / Multicultural Mediator: Intercultural expertise, seasoned in working with transcultural uniqueness regardless of nationality, gender or race.


  • Private Mediator: Covering an extended number of court-ordered and self-initiated mediation cases.


  • MAC Professional Mediator in Domestic Relations, Business and Civil matters.

  • Cross-Border Business Negotiations: Strengthening organizational performance and negotiations within and across culturally diverse markets.

Meet Rogelio
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Beyond Borders Mediation provides services that will require the parties' participation and decision making to resolve conflict

People perceive conflict, problem - solving, and outcomes in different ways. Regardless if conflict is based on family matters or business and civil objectives, people approach mediation and conflict resolution in different ways, ranging from negotiation strategy and power plays, to claims of fairness, and emotional appeal.

Conflict by nature is stressful. It blends emotions and underlying interests, and compounds them with emotions, and personal variables. The parties, by instinct go into cause and effect evaluations, which are typically filtered by expectations and assumptions as they become aware life-changes and uncertainty is looming.

It becomes much more demanding when it comes down to building alternatives and defining acceptable solutions that lead to mutual agreements. Ultimately, the parties' self-determination and decision making will influence the mediation and determine its outcome.

"The best Defense is a good Offence" it might be good in some sports. For Mediation, I believe the best option for conflict resolution is knowledge and proactive preparation. As conflict appears, people do not see clear ways out, they start feeling stuck or, choose to wait and give time for things firm-up, thinking it might become easier, or even resolve.   

Preparing to resolve conflict, aside managing emotions, anger and expectations, has to do with effectively seeing and knowing yourself, as much as you sincerely see and understand the other person; while keeping and open mind for mediated possibilities.

Resolving Conflict



We place special emphasis in understanding each party's position and perspectives; mostly their motives and underlying interests. As such, we underscore the importance of helping the parties grasp the implications of the details, while keeping in mind an overall picture to recognize mediated possibilities. 

  • Focusing too much on the details may overwhelm your perception and understanding. Excessive information cause you to lose sight of alternatives for resolution.

  • Focusing most of all on the overall picture, you might lose information provided by the details to recognize feasible possibilities of interest.

  • It is necessary to navigate between the details and the overall picture to Connect the Dots, understand each other's Perspectives, and become aware of the Boundaries that define their situation to effective build realistic and practical alternatives that can lead to durable mutual agreements.

As you reflect on your options to resolving conflict consider the following variables; they always become present in mediation, conflict resolution and influence decision making and outcome:

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Beyond Borders Mediation
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Connecting the Dots

Key Aspects:

  • This point typically captures the each parties' imagination by creating a number of different inter-related scenarios. Unfortunately it is frequently marked by emotions, hopes and expectations with fragmented or unclear information. 

  • ​It is important to have a clear understanding of the details that define a situation, how they connect with each other, and what are the consequences each may have.


  • Decisions based on mistaken inferences of the details and how they connect can easily lead to inaccurate assumptions, conclusions, and conflicting outcomes.


Key Aspects

  • People will see and interpret the details of a situation in different ways depending on their perspectives. Perspectives influence "the way we see things." It conforms our perception influencing underlying interests (motives) and behaviors. It is frequently used as basis to evaluate "what is at risk or being decided."

  • Evaluating risk is not easy. It combines multiple aspects, primarily past and current life experience, expectations, and gaging the impact on future events and/or changes. It also involves creating scenarios to make sense of what is being mediated and understand the other person's perspective. 


  • Building correct and realistic scenarios should help the parties' move forward in mediation. However, this point requires discretion and diplomacy as the parties may become aware their initial expectations on outcomes and future events may not come through


Key Aspects

  • Our understanding of a situation will always be limited. Some boundaries are personal, others are independent of the person, boundaries can be judicial, practical, and economical to name a few.

  • Boundaries are not optional, much less choices the parties can decide on. They are important, for they define the terms under which the parties can fine-tune their decision making. As such, boundaries require understanding and deliberation, they tend to frame what is important for the parties' in their  decision making.

  • In matters of importance, deciding what is important to keep based on the boundaries involves tough choices. This normally causes the parties hesitate and doubt on decision making and commitments.

BBM Approach
BBM Premise



Beyond Borders Mediation offers:

  • A safe and productive place where you can openly express yourself.

  • ​​Determine how to communicate with each other under changing circumstances, conflict and differences of opinion.​​

  • A way on how to reason, work through, and understand conflict to find realistic alternatives and solutions.

For You To Gain:
  • ​An overall view and detailed understanding how things connect with each other, their implications, and the effect these may have on each party.​​

  • A fuller understanding of the different ways in which a situation can be understood.

  • How perspectives influence the way people make sense of a situation, and how it affects each other's behavior.​​

  • Deepen your insight to see negotiated opportunities on possible, or actual solutions.​​

  • Develop an awareness that all situation has practical, personal, and judicial boundaries.

Disclaimer: As mediators, Beyond Borders Mediation and its affiliates and mediators do not provide legal advice.​​​

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